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4. International Silver Wing Meeting 2004


Sorry, this is the same text as last year - because it is the same location, only the date changed. Of course, the tour will be different ;)

Ok, here are the infos for the Silver Wing Treffen 2004: For those who don't know me and the Silver Wing Treffen yet, please note that this is a private event which I organize "just for fun" - knowing, that many scooter drivers are happy about the meeting. There are no commercial interests. The last two Silver Wing Meeting where absolutly great and I hope to the again more scooter enthusiast on the 3. International Silver Wing Meeting.

For the last SW-Meetings, I anounced a limited particitpant number. This time, I don't want to do so - however, if there are to many drivers - I have to close the registration. Specially "last minute subsribers" are supposed to cause a registration close, because we have to calculate with a figured number of people - big jumps means a lot of work for us. So, please, how ealier you register, so much easier is it for use to react an recalculate. Thank you!

When and Where:

Friday Sept. 3. - Sunday Sept. 5,2003 in Aschaffenburg, Germany

Again we will not leave the 50km radius of Frankfurt. Aschaffenburg is approx. 50km in the east of Frankfurt. More information about Aschaffenburg your can find here: www.aschaffenburg.de.(click the "english" button in the upper menu).


Of course, everybody who is driving a Silver Wing is welcome. But if you drive another bigscooter, please don't hesitate to join us, just write your scooter model in the registration form.


Drivers arrive at Rosso Bianco. After dinner (which you have to organize yourself) we meet from 19.00h at the Rosso Bianco Museum.

At 8.30h we meet at Rosso Bianco, where the participants will get there "welcome package". Then we will visit the Rosso Bianco - Sports Car and Scooter Museum. At 10:30h we will start a tour the "Spessart" or "Odenwald" (ca. 150-200km).

At late noon, we will drive a parade through Aschaffenburg -  if we get the goverment approvment.

At night, we will be in the galery of  Rosso Bianco, where our physical well-being is assured ;)

If you have not seen enough, you again have the chance to visit the Rosso Bianco and I'm sure you will meet some Silver Wing drivers. The entrance to the museum for all three days is included in the registration fee.

I'm sure there will be some groups travelling together in the home directions.


28 EUR per person (not per scooter!)

Included is the entrance for the museum for the 3 days, the lunch paket for the tour and - last but not least - the dinner on saturday plus some surprises.

This is not a commercial event, so you we don't want to earn money here. But to organize an event like this, you need a bit of money. It assures, that there are not 500 registrations, 5 people arrive and I have to eat (and pay) 495 steaks...


It's up to you to make a reservation with the hotel. Below you find a link to a list of hotels provided by the tourism office. Unfortunatley there is no hotel with enough capacity for all or most of drivers. Since Aschaffenburg is not to large, quiete all hotels are "near" to the museum..


Camping is also available, please use keyword "Silver Wing" when you register:

Camping ist ebenfalls möglich, bitte beim Campingplatz unter dem Stichwort "Silver Wing" anmelden:

Campingplatz Mainparksee, Manfred Staab u. Peter Richards  Mainparksee  63814  Mainaschaff  +49-6027-5945 



Here is the registration form

Please note: If your a not located in germany, please contact me for payment options.